Saturday, April 14, 2007

Easter Fun

Easter was a mixed bag this year. Unfortunately, while Children's Hospital considers Christmas a holiday, they don't do the same for Easter. And since it was Leigh Ann's usual weekend to work, she spent Easter at work with the dinner I had made the night before. Jacob and I had a bachelor's Easter dinner with our friend Adam, whose wife and daughter were out of town for a wedding. We didn't get any Easter pictures taken, because Columbus is looking more like Christmas than Easter.
On Monday, we made the trek down to Chattanooga, TN, to spend the week with Leigh Ann's parents in their new house, sandwiched between Red Bank and Signal Mountain in the north-western section of the city. Leigh Ann is having to adjust to a new house, after spending most of her life in their old house.
We went out and took pictures of Jacob at a park along the Tennessee river, even though the weather has not been the best here in Tennessee. It has been fairly windy, and there has been a bit of rain. Jacob also got his first ride on a carousel at the park. He thoroughly enjoyed riding around on a frog, but got even more enjoyment out of running around in the large field afterwards. It was a chore to try and get him to go back to the car in the end.
Both Leigh Ann and I have caught some kind of bug which has tried to dampen our stay, but we are still enjoying having a week off of work. We are not looking forward to the drive back to Columbus tomorrow. Jacob does well on the drive, but the last half hour always seems to be a little too much for him. Having a DVD player in the van has been a lifesaver.
While here in Chattanooga, we always take the opportunity to head down to Birmingham to see friends. We stopped in to see my old boss at UAB, who was ecstatic to see me again. He tried to convince me to come back and do a postdoc with him. Needless to say I turned down his offer. We then went and met our friends Andy and Rheanna Stevens and had dinner at my favorite BBQ place, Dreamland. Anybody who ever gets to Alabama has to try this place. For you westerners, it will give you an education in the true meaning of BBQ. BBQ is not a verb. What we call BBQ is really just grilling. BBQ is a noun, and is a specialty of the south. I have vowed many times that I would die with a Dreamland rib lodged in an artery.

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The Mikkelsen Family said...

Southern BBQ is the only way to go! I keep trying to tell people that but they just won't listen...

Didn't mean to insult you about the school comment. Guess it just shows how little I really do know. :)