Saturday, May 26, 2007

First Haircut

We finally decided that Jacob's hair had just gotten too shaggy, so we broke down and took him to get his first haircut. Not that we didn't think that his bushy mop top wasn't cute, but it was just sticking up in every direction all the time and was starting to hang over his ears and into his eyes. So we got him an appointment at Cookie Cutters, a place that specializes in little kids' haircuts.
They get to sit in a little car that can be raised and lowered, and there are TVs for them to watch some movie. Jacob enjoyed watching "Cars" while he got his hair cut. At first he wasn't too excited about it all, but when the girl that was cutting his hair brought him a sucker, he decided maybe it wouldn't be so sad after all.
Below are a series of pictures from what he looked like before the haircut, a couple during the haircut (including my favorite with his hair put up in a mohawk), and the final product at the place, as well as a picture with him all cleaned up at home afterwards.
Jacob did remarkably well and did not complain at all during the whole ordeal. All in all, it was a pretty good experience, and he looks like a cute little boy again, not some homeless child.

Not much else new has come our way since I posted last. Work continues. Leigh Ann is starting day one of her three working days which will include Memorial Day. Such is the life of one who works in the healthcare industry. Sometimes you have to work a holiday. I am taking the opportunity to get caught up on John Wayne films (May 26 would have been the Duke's 100th birthday, so they have been showing a lot of his movies on AMC and TCM).


The Mikkelsen Family said...

I can't believe that you are just on a first haircut. Adam, my son, is 18 months old and is on #5 or 6. Yesterday we took him to a barbershop. It was his second time there. I usually do it at home. I guess Adam just has grown man hair!

hillary said...

No, I'm with Liz! I can't believe he just had his first haircut! You guys are lucky! Jack's had lots. He used to not mind so much but now he hates the cape & has recently become paranoid about noises like vaccuums & blow dryers so the clippers aren't on his good side! So is there some amazing trick the woman used to not get hair all over that sucker or did Jacob just not mind the taste of hair? :)