Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A boy and his dog

Jacob continues to be fascinated with Blue. Every time he sees a paw print, he yells out "a coo, a coo." And he calls the show "Coos coos." I don't know why, because he can say "Blue." Just one of those things.
Well, this Saturday Jacob turns 2. Hard to believe that he is already 2 years old. Anybody who sees him, though, swears he is older. He is just such a big kid. Sometimes I think we expect more of him because he does look so much bigger than his age. Oh well.
We are throwing a "Blue's Clues" themed party for him this Saturday. We found cake toppers so he can have a Blue cake (not as easy as you might think). Everything is going to be blue. Somebody thought we should get a pinata shaped like Blue, but we thought Jacob might not take too well to people beating his absolute favorite character with a stick.
The weather is finally starting to change here, and it looks like Summer is on its way out. We have broken out the long pants for Jacob once again. That was no problem. The problem is that he has become quite fond of wearing sandals, and when we tried the other day to put socks and regular shoes on his feet, he threw a fit.
Jacob has definitely become more social. Originally we couldn't get him to stay in nursery, and were wondering if all our hopes of having a few peaceful hours at church would be dashed. But now he can't get in there fast enough. As soon as the closing prayer is over in Sacrament meeting and I stand up, Jacob grabs my hand and leads me to the Nursery room. He also absolutely loves the children's playroom at the YMCA where he gets to play while Leigh Ann and I work out. All you have to do is say, "Jacob, do you want to go to the gym?" and he is over at the door in a flash, ready to go.
It is amazing how many demands on your time you have as you get older. Leigh Ann and I have to plan certain activities, like shopping for Christmas gifts, over a month in advance, as Saturdays seem to get eaten up. If you don't carefully plan to get some time together, it is amazing how difficult it can be (and I'm sure Leigh Ann can attest to how bad I am more often than not at planning such time).


Rheanna said...

We hope Jacob has a GREAT birthday! Wish we could be there. Have a fun coos, coos party.

Nikki said...

"Coos Coos" is typical of something we call reduplication, where both syllables become the same thing, like bottle ->baba, or water ->wawa. Although there are two words in this case, it's being treated as a two syllable word shape, and it's totally a normal developmental phonological process.

Glad to hear things are all going along really well. Happy birthday to Jacob, and my best to you!