Thursday, November 1, 2007

Jake's second halloween

So this was Jacob's third Halloween, and we didn't do anything for the first 2. So this year we thought we should do something. We were at Michael's one night getting things for making our Thanksgiving wreath (we decided last Christmas that we could make a Christmas wreath that we actually liked for cheaper than buying one that we only sort of liked, and thought we could do the same for Thanksgiving), and I put this hat on Jacob, and he wouldn't take it off. So we bought him a matching sword, and he was going around saying "Arrrrgggggh!" whenever I asked him what a pirate says. We took him to our church chili cook-off/trunk-or-treat on Saturday, and it didn't go so well. We had bought him his pumpkin for holding candy that day, and he immediately decided that it was the perfect container for his various cars he loves to play with. In fact, it was so perfect, he would not allow anything else in there. When we tried to put candy in it, he screamed. In addition, when we would try to get him to go up to a car to get candy (even when he knew the person), he screamed and tried to run off. So it didn't go as smoothly as planned.
Jacob got a "Cars" fork and spoon for his birthday, and he has been learning to use the fork (he already pretty much has the hang of a spoon). Sometimes it goes well, sometimes not. He hasn't learned yet to poke the fork into things. Lots of times he'll just pick the food up and place it on the fork. Oh well, he's learning.
Jake continues to grow and be more and more of a handful. He is every bit a 2-year old. He screams a lot more. He has recently decided he does not want to take naps at all, so he sits in his crib for 2 hours and talks to his stuffed animals (you can tell when he is talking with cookie monster because he starts growling, which he learned from me and my poor cookie monster imitation). Last night he discovered that he can pull his foot up to his nose and mouth. I'm sure his mother will love to see that!
We just finished painting our guest room. We had been wanting to do it for a while. Leigh Ann had to work several Saturdays last month, so I decided I would make myself useful while she was at work. Unfortunately, with a 2-year old, this meant that I could only work when Jacob was in his room, so that meant 2 hours during nap time and then late at night after he went to bed. I got almost all of it done over 2 Saturdays, and then last Saturday Leigh Ann came in and helped me with the rest, which included the border with the ceiling and along the base boards, as well as fixing some of my mistakes and touching up. We are happy with the results. We have now painted Jacob's room, the guest bathroom, the downstairs half bathroom, and the kitchen. The only other room we are considering painting is our bedroom, but we aren't quite ready to tackle that, and haven't even started thinking of colors.

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