Monday, February 4, 2008

Jake and Dada

Sometimes for fun, I can entertain Jake with the built in camera on my Mac laptop computer. With the Photo Booth program, he can see on the screen what the camera sees, and he enjoys watching things on the screen. I can usually get him to smile this way, since he doesn't really think of it as a camera. So I snapped some pictures the other night of him and I. We had been having a good old time, playing some Backyardigans games on the Nick Jr. website. Actually, I played the game, and he sat there enthralled, thinking it was an actual episode, and wanted another when the game was over. Leigh Ann also found a Blue's Clues game and played it with him the next night. It still amazes me how utterly he loves those shows, Blue's Clues especially. He constantly walks around the living room with his official notebook, looking for clues, then goes and sits in his thinking chair.
We are all doing well. I was supposed to take a trip down to Galveston, Texas, over a week ago for a conference, and from there go to Lafayette, Louisiana, for an experiment. But the experiment got canceled at the last minute, and I came home unexpectedly. The experiment has been re-scheduled for this coming Tuesday, the 12th, so I am heading back down that Monday. I know, you are all wondering what there is to do in Lafayette. Keep wondering. As far as I know, there is nothing to do, other than go down for my experiment. It is close to Avery Island, though, where Tabasco sauce is made.
Leigh Ann's parents were able to come up and stay with her and Jacob while I was gone, which was a big help for Leigh Ann.

I thought I would also show you Jacob's Santa pictures from last year. If you go back and look at those from last year, you will see that Jacob was definitely less excited about seeing Santa this year than he was last year.


Marsie Pants said...

Did you know, Abby also calls you Dada because that's your name according to Jake. Her own father is Daddy so I guess it's okay.

geoffrey said...

i don't think i envy those santas one bit. just one more motivation to go jogging once and a while to avoid the trademark physique!

Brianne said...

Leigh Ann! Yeah, your family has a blog! I'm so excited I found it. How are you?