Sunday, March 30, 2008

At long last . . .

As promised, here are new pictures of everyone's favorite little Fuller boy! Jacob has had quite the last month. After discovering his absolute fear of the dark, we have gone from a night light to keeping his closet light on, and we are finding he is sleeping better! Why didn't we discover this sooner? Well, Jacob is an interesting little boy. If he is really sad or scared and will start crying, you won't hear him. Chances are, if you can hear him, he is faking to get his way on something. Needless to say, he was not being loud about this fear. Things are much better now.
Leigh Ann and I had the opportunity to make our annual trip to Scali's Restaurant for our anniversay on Saturday. This has got to be the best Italian cuisine I have ever had. My favorite (actually, the only thing I have ever gotten there) is the Brasciole. You have to love steak, ham, and mozarella, but if you do, this is heaven on a plate. The Chicken Marsalla gets two thumbs up from Leigh Ann. Afterwards we went out and saw the very romantic movie, "I Am Legend." I thought it was a great movie, Leigh Ann liked it as well, but said it was kind of freaky and made her nervous! I would recommend it.


Wayne said...

Nice job on that one Mike....You definitely get some props for snagging a total guy movie for a romantic anniversary outing.

Garcia Fam said...

Love the tie. He looks like a little missionary :o)

Kids are funny with their fears and the stages they come in. When Ethan (our 5-year-old) turned 3, he suddenly needed to sleep with a nightlight, a hall light and the neighboring bathroom light on. We wondered how he survived the first three years without all the ambiant light?!