Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Owen is 1 year old!

Well, Owen has now hit 1 year old.  And he is walking everywhere!  Here is a video of him walking around, and then of him celebrating his birthday - you can see him bouncing along to the singing.

Jacob went as Shrek for Halloween this year.  Leigh Ann found the costume, and then fashioned some Shrek ears for him.  He loved it.  He wore it to his pre-school, then for some trick-or-treating in our neighborhood, then for our Ward Halloween party, and finally for his friend, Lucas' birthday party.  We got a lot of use out of that costume - and Jake cleaned up on the candy.
As you can see (and already saw from my post for Jacob's birthday), Owen loves cake.  He dives right in.  He didn't get quite as messy here as he did with Jacob's cake, where the frosting ended up all over his face, but he still thoroughly enjoyed it.
And why not toss in another one of the cute kid?
Owen and Jacob just had their yearly doctor's appointment today.  They both did really well, but neither appreciated the multiple shots they had to get.  Jacob continues to top the charts.  He is still in the 97th percentile for both height and weight, at 45.5 inches and 47 pounds.  Owen is not really that far behind.  His weight is in the 85th percentile at 26 pounds, but 97th percentile for height at 32.25 inches.  Yup.  We raise 'em big here.  At this rate, they should be taller than me by their 10th birthdays!

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