Thursday, February 8, 2007

Too Freakin' Cold

So after this last week, Leigh Ann is questioning why I have brought her to this arctic wasteland. In the wake of an arctic cold front moving across our state and further east, we have been hit with frigid temps. It is regularly dropping down to single digit temperatures, and when you add in the wind (there is always wind here, with no hills or mountains to block it), we have had wind chills below zero. Last night it got down to -15. A few nights ago we got a lot of snow, and, combined with the ridiculously low temps, it made for a miserable experience. It was too cold for the salt on the roads to work properly, so traffic was averaging 5-10 mph.

Aside from our new daily ritual of going to the gym (we conveniently have a YMCA just a stone's throw from our front doorstep, making it a little easier to keep up our New Year's resolution to exercise more), we have been staying indoors, trying to keep warm. Our end unit condo, which originally seemed so attractive, is difficult to keep warm downstairs. As a result, to keep it comfortable downstairs, the upstairs becomes an oven (the thermostat is downstairs), so you are too warm when you go to bed.

Otherwise, life goes on. Jacob continues to refuse to talk. We have been putting a lot of effort into trying to get him to speak in English, but only get babble. Our biggest success is to get him to say "two" as we count from one to four. His growth seems to have slowed down a bit. He's been in the same size of diapers for quite a while now, and ditto for clothes. He still continues to be adorable, even when he is getting into trouble, or misbehaving (which is not an uncommon event).

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