Saturday, February 10, 2007

Latest Pics

This is the family on our cruise back in October. We are on Martha's Vineyard in this picture.
So I'll admit it, one of the major reasons for this blog is for people to keep up to date with the most interesting person in the family. I have been negligent in getting more recent pics of Jacob available for people to see. These were taken from November to this month. The top one, with the cheerio stuck to his nose, was from November (13 months), as was the one below with him showing you his belly button. The next one, where he is daring me to take his mac and cheese (one of his favorite meals), was from December (14 months). Finally, the one of him sitting on the couch was taken this morning (currently 16 months), holding his Winnie the Pooh ball as he was watching Pooh's Heffalump movie. We're glad he will watch something other than the Backyardigans, which get old after watching them the millionth time.

We are still trying to survive this ridiculously cold weather. Not a lot changes from day to day for us. Leigh Ann is working this weekend, so I am taking this time while Jacob naps to get caught up on organizing all of my pictures of the munchkin and getting some of them posted.

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