Sunday, March 18, 2007

Colds in the cold

We are having to battle the cold from both without and within. After the temperature climbing up to 72 degrees early last week, we once again plunged to below freezing, with some light snowfall. While it was nowhere near as cold as it had been a few weeks ago, it was still slightly depressing that we had gotten a small glimpse at spring, only to have it yanked away.

The entire family has also been fighting off the cold. Jacob came down with it last Sunday, and you know mom and dad were soon to follow. We have been trying to deal with a sick baby, while being sick ourselves, and also meeting our work obligations. It has been a little tricky, but we are surviving.

Jacob continues to develop. He is more independent each day, and strenuously objects to anyone having to help him with his meals any more than setting the food in front of him. He is just learning to use the spoon, and doesn't actually get much onto it and into his mouth, so it takes a while. But he wants to learn. He has also starting working on his ability to climb. He enjoys climbing onto the couch to search for the remote controls we hide on top of it. That has forced us to have to find new places to guard them. He continues to make life anything but boring.

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The Mikkelsen Family said...

This is Elizabeth Sanders, now Mikkelsen. I was on Hillary Divis's blog and found yours. It sounds like you are doing great. I can't believe that you are in school still. Guess if you really like it...
I have decided I have to get into blogging since I don't write emails ever. I will send you a link when I get it all set up. Hope all is well!