Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Latest News

I suppose I should be more dilligent in updating the blog. But it turns out I am as good at that as keeping in touch by email (ironically, I created this blog so I wouldn't have to email as much).
Our lives continue to continue. Not a whole lot of exciting stuff is occurring. We had the opportunity last weekend to meet Leigh Ann's parents in Lexington for a relaxing couple of days. Lexington is the largest city between us and her parents that, while not exactly halfway between Chattanooga, TN, and Columbus, at least offers things to do and places to eat. We enjoyed the more pleasant temperatures in Kentucky that weekend over the sub-arctic temperatures we've been experiencing here in Ohio. While it is clear now, it still remains bitterly cold (although, thankfully, not as cold as it has been).
Leigh Ann and I continue to work. My project is beginning to pick up speed, so I am having more work to do in the lab. Unfortunately, I am dependent on others for receiving samples for my experiments, which led to my working late the other night. Thankfully, we have a great person watching Jacob now, and she was more than happy to watch him a little while longer, as I was late in picking him up. This would never have been possible when we were taking him to a daycare center.
Leigh Ann continues to do her part helping out the children of Columbus working in the Children's Hospital radiology department. As if she didn't get enough opportunities working with children at work and at home, she also spends a great deal of time working in Primary at church. You'd think that with all of this working with children, she should get an honorary doctorate in early childhood development.
Jacob remains as crazy as ever. As he continues to grow, he becomes even more independent. He is resisting more and more any food that is fed to him on a spoon, as he wants to feed himself. Unfortunately, he does not yet know how to use a spoon, so that limits what you can feed him, and increases the frustration as he refuses to eat it if you have to spoon-feed him. According to the babysitter, Jacob has started talking, and has said such things to her as, "Close the door," and "What's that?" Sadly, he has not yet chosen to speak to us in anything other than baby babble. So he seems to be holding out on his parents. In addition, he has discovered that it is fun to spin in circles until he is dizzy, then try to walk. This resulted in him knocking his head into a lamp table. After a few minutes of crying, he was right back up doing it again. One day he'll learn!

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