Wednesday, June 4, 2008

At long last - new pictures

As promised, here are some recent pics of our little man. Jacob has become quite the talker as of late, and more and more of it is actually understandable (at least to us!). He now knows how to say his own name, although he has modified it (he says something like Adger). He is fascinated by phones right now, and has claimed Leigh Ann's and my last phones. He pretends to make calls, and always announces himself by saying, "Hi, a me, Adger." Translation: Hi, it's me, Jacob.

Jacob just tonight transitioned into a regular bed. So that we could have the mattress in his toddler bed back for the crib that we will soon need, we went about getting a bed. He was very excited tonight when he saw the new bed. It is a bit too high for him still, but we put a little step next to it, and he easily climbed up. He didn't want to sleep with regular sheets and a blanket, so he ended up sleeping on top of the covers with his faithful Cars blanket!

He keeps us busy, as always. We keep trying to get him used to the idea of a younger sibling, but he doesn't react favorably. We have finally brought him to the realization that there will be a new baby, and currently it is in Mommy's tummy. Frequently now, whenever tummys are discussed, Jacob will let anybody within earshot know that Mommy has a baby in her tummy. When Leigh Ann first told him this, he went over and lifted her shirt a little to see if he could see the baby!

He is quite the character. He will do anything if he thinks it will give him a laugh. I ask him, when he has obviously got a dirty diaper, if his diaper is poopy, and he promptly responds, "No, no puppies." I'll say, "But Jake, you smell stinky." He then replies, "No, no tinky puppies." I am torn. On the one hand, he is not telling the truth, and I want to teach him that is wrong, but at the same time, I can't keep a straight face as he tells me he doesn't have any stinky puppies in his pants, and it might confuse him if I tried to punish him while laughing.

Anyways, enjoy these new pics!

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Brianne said...

Leigh Ann, I was wondering if because you couldn't marry my brother Jacob that you just named your first son "Jacob?" Just kidding! But you won't believe this, my brother is turning 16 next month! Crazy, huh? Your little boy is so cute! I wish I could meet him! And good luck with number two! Fun times!