Wednesday, June 25, 2008

First trip to a carnival

Every year we have a jazz and blues festival in downtown Gahanna, Ohio. Last year we only strolled around to see what all they had at it, and found that, in addition to the music and food, they also have a carnival set up. This year we decided to take Jake to his first carnival - it was a mixed bag.

We only had a couple of hours to spend before Leigh Ann and I were dropping him off with friends so we could have a night out. They had 4 rides specifically for kids, but the only one Jacob wanted anything to do with was a car ride (a bunch of cars that go round and round - kind of like a merry-go-round, just with cars). He had to sit in the red car that looked like Lightning McQueen (from the Disney/Pixar movie "Cars"). He had a blast. Then he insisted that we ride the ferris wheel. Leigh Ann couldn't ride it (pregnant), so I went with Jacob. Once we were locked in, I knew it was not going to be a fun ride. He really didn't like the starting and stopping as they loaded everybody on (especially not when we were stuck at the top). He quieted down once we started moving, but not for long. He was more than ready to get off once it finally stopped!

We thought that another trip on the car ride would calm him, but he was in full break-down mode, so Leigh Ann made the executive decision to also introduce him to one of the wonders of our modern culinary world - cotton candy!

As you can imagine, Jacob did love the cotton candy. Initially he would only lick it, but we finally convinced him he needed to take big "Cookie Monster" bites so he would be done by the time we had to drop him off with our friends and their daughter Abby. Jake loved this stuff! Leigh Ann repeatedly asked him if she could try some, but he would pull it away and cry, "No, my turn!" We have had marvelous success teaching him about sharing!

Jacob continues to grow up. His vocabulary is growing daily, and more and more of it is actually intelligible. Leigh Ann is progressing with pregnancy number two. Standing for long periods of time and picking Jacob up is getting harder, but she's still insisting on doing everything she did before.

Here are pics of Jacob with his cotton candy (if you look closely at the one in the van, you can see that his mouth is blue and pink).

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geoffrey said...

no comment about the after-effects of the cotton candy? :)