Monday, November 17, 2008

I can't think of a new title

Here is a picture of my 3 favorite people in the world. Need I say more?
Leigh Ann thought this would be a good picture. Owen was sound asleep, but clutching onto her finger.
Already these two are spending time together . . . watching TV. If you notice, there is a red spot on the couch next to Jake's head. He snagged our "I voted" stickers from us on election day, and this is one of them.
Not my favorite picture of me, but I guess you have to take these as well. I was trying to get Jake to put down the sippy cup and smile for the camera - he is getting more difficult to get to pose for a picture.
And finally, Jake with chicken nuggets crammed in his mouth. Jacob has become quite the picky eater. He didn't end up eating this chicken. Lately, unless it has cheese as a major ingredient, he won't have much to do with it.


Marsie Pants said...

Very cute! Sorry to hear about Jake's eating habits. Probably got it from Abby.

Cam said...

Hey Leigh Ann! I found your blog from Andrea's. How are you doing? Cute kiddos! =)

the danielson's said...

Hey Leigh Ann! It's Shauna. It has been a long time! I was just looking at Alicia's blog and realized that she had your's and Andrea's so I thought I would say hello. Congrats on your new baby boy. I just had a baby girl Oct 24.How ironic! Hope to hear from you some time soon.