Saturday, November 1, 2008

They change so much at this age!

They really do change so much when they are little! Just look how different Owen looks just 2 weeks old!

Okay, so obviously that isn't Owen. Jacob, it turns out, has some very strong nurturing instincts! In the last week, he has been carrying his Buzz Lightyear doll around like it is his baby, copying everything we do with Owen. He brought Buzz up to me the other day and told me Buzz had "tinky poopies" (stinky poopies). He went and got one of Owen's diapers and the baby wipes, and proceeded to wipe him, then had us help him put a diaper on him. Then he will lay him down on the stairs and put a blanket on him. Periodically, he'll tell us to hush, because Buzz is sleeping.
Mike: Jacob, where is Buzz?
Jacob: Buzz is seeping, right dere.
He also puts his favorite blanket (it has Tigger on it) on a stool in the bathroom, because it also gets tired.
Mike: Jacob, where's your Tigger blankie?
Jacob: Tigger bwankie is seeping in cwoset (the downstairs bathroom is the closet). He too tired.
For some reason, his Woody doll doesn't get a diaper, but he also takes a nap, underneath a little wicker waste basket we keep in the living room.
Owen just had his 2 week doctor's check-up, and is doing great. He has put on almost a complete pound since his birth - now up to 8 lb. 9 oz. He is progressing well. He sleeps better than Jacob, but spits up a little more than him.
Well, that is the latest update.


The Koenig Family said...

Too funny. Is Jacob trying to breast feed Buzz too? That's what one of mine did--
Glad to hear Owen is doing well.

Lisa said...

Your stories always make me laugh. Jacob is a crack up.

Alicia said...

Your family is so cute! I haven't even seen pictures of you forever! You look so happy!!!