Monday, March 23, 2009

New Jacob Quotes

We got a kick out of these - Jake's vocabulary and ability to string sentences together is getting a lot better, and they are consequently sometimes very funny.

Jacob was sitting at the table for dinner, and he went to grab his sippy cup. Turning to Leigh Ann, he asked:
Jake: Mama, is dis juice?
Leigh Ann: No Jake, that's pink milk (milk with Strawberry Quik).
Jake: No, dat's not milk, dat's juice.
Leigh Ann: Well, you go ahead and try it and see for yourself.
(Jacob takes a sip)
Jake: Um, actually, dat's pink milk.

A few weeks back, Jake's favorite word was "either." Whenever he didn't want something, he wouldn't just say that he didn't want it, it was always, "no, don't want that either." It didn't matter that he hadn't been offered options - it was always, "no, don't want that either."

Now he is experimenting with the word "just." Every morning, when I go in to get him from his room, he is usually sitting on the floor, either reading or playing. I'll go in, and say:
Mike: Hey, Jake, did you sleepy good?
Jake: Um, yay-ah (yeah, with an overly exaggerated southern accent we can't explain). I just woke up.
Mike: You just woke up? (never mind the fact I have heard him stomping around for at least 30 minutes)
Jake: Yay-ah. Don't go downstairs right now, okay? I readin'. (translated, he doesn't care if you go downstairs, but he doesn't want to go downstairs just yet)

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Lisa said...

I love this! So funny!