Saturday, April 18, 2009

The latest.

Well, a lot has changed since the last pictures. As you can see, Owen is getting better about sitting up. He is still a bit wobbly, but getting much better. He will even occasionally hold the bottle in his hands. He has at least one tooth now, and rolls all over the place - onto his back, back onto his stomach. He scoots around the place without crawling, so you put him down, and he is off. It makes it very frustrating trying to change his diaper or his clothes!

Jacob saw this St. Patrick's Day hat in the store a while back, and had to have it. It was dirt cheap, so Leigh Ann bought it for him. He has really destroyed it (it was only flimsy plastic), but he still loves it. Now he calls it his "Fireman Sam" hat. I don't know if any of you know who Fireman Sam is - it is a claymation show for little kids, British-made from the late '80s, but they show episodes on our PBS Sprout On Demand, and he loves it! So whenever he wants to pretend he is Fireman Sam, he puts on his "Fireman Sam" hat and his "Fireman Sam" shoes (which are just whatever pair of my shoes are available). You will notice, if you look closely, that Owen is behind him in a walker - Jacob made sure that he was standing in front of Owen, as he didn't want him in the picture. Whenever Owen is someplace Jake doesn't like, he'll go up to him and go, "No, Owen, scoot, scoot!" He really is warming up to Owen, but sometimes he just doesn't like to shave the limelight. Things are really getting tricky, now that Owen is more mobile, and can potentially get into whatever toys Jacob has on the floor.
Finally, here they are together! Jake normally doesn't like Owen that close to him - Leigh Ann really lucked out getting this picture. You can see just how adorable our two boys are (and I am not biased in the least!). I believe there are two grandmothers and a grandfather that would probably agree with me. They are a handful, but we love them.
We were informed last Sunday that Jacob had an assignment for his first talk in Primary this Sunday (how do you like that for advanced warning for a talk for a 3-year old?). Leigh Ann has been working with him, and, as long as he doesn't develop stage fright, it looks like he will do great! He loves holding up the pictures, and does a really good job repeating his lines. Hopefully Owen will stay quiet enough during the talk! He is a little jabbermouth lately, and is particularly fond of his new-found ability to shriek really loud - not to complain, just because he can do it!


Marsie Pants said...

Cute! I love that last picture.

Lisa said...

I love Jacob's obsession with the hat. Cute Cute!

Ken said...

Thanks for being fans of Fireman Sam. I work at the channel and thought you might like these Fireman Sam coloring sheets:

Cavandrea Rogers said...

Adorable...boys are the greatest. It looks like you have two cute ones.