Thursday, May 21, 2009

Alright, I guess I can update this blog

Well, better late than never!

Owen is getting huge - at every doctor's visit he is right at the same pace as Jake. So we'll have 2 big boys! Always in the 90-95th percentile for height and weight.

Owen is sitting up better now, and incredibly mobile. While not properly crawling, he has his own method worked out - a mixture of army crawling on his stomach, along with rolling and sudden lurches. He makes really good time, too. We'll set him down on one side of the room, turn our head, and next thing you know, he is on the other side. Usually he is after all of the DVD's on the bottom shelf (these are "Jacob's" movies, and it annoys Jacob greatly that Owen would get into them). He also likes to kick the door to the TV cabinet, which ends up pushing all the buttons on the cable box and screwing it up. So we are back to stacking a basket in front of it, as we had to with Jacob.

The pictures above are our "Easter" pictures. I say that because we are always late at getting them taken. Jake wasn't very cooperative with the pictures, so that one with the two of them is about as good as it gets. Owen is our photogenic baby. We never have a problem getting him to smile. Jacob was a happy little baby, but we could never get him to smile for the camera, so all his pictures look very somber.


Lisa said...

Thanks for the update. It's always fun to hear about your family.

You've found your new home! said...


It's nice to see my cousin again! Your older kid looks slightly like Brian and the younger son has the cutest cheeks in the world! Way to get a picture in front of the temple. I've been through that one a couple times. It was our temple when we lived in CT.
We just moved to Houston about 14 days ago. We love it! Nice to see you again. Are you on facebook? Stacey, Suzanne, Lori,Ken and Sherri should be too!!!