Thursday, July 2, 2009

Alright, since I haven't posted pictures in a while, here are several. Our boys continue to grow like weeds - Owen is about 25 pounds now at 8 months! Jacob is just shy of 4 feet tall, and pushing 50 pounds. We keep joking that he'll be able to ride rollercoasters by his fourth birthday.

Owen loves going for walks in the stroller - anything to get outside. This was at Jacob's first (and last) soccer class at the YMCA. It didn't go over well - that is why we don't have a picture of Jacob at his soccer class.

Unlike Jacob, we have no problem getting Owen to smile for pictures! Jacob was just as happy as a baby - he just wouldn't smile for the camera!

Jacob absolutely adores his little baby brother Owen now. He spends most of the day playing with Owen and entertaining him. Owen loves it too! He follows Jacob around everywhere. Owen is now crawling everywhere, and has even started to pull himself up onto his feet and shuffle along the couch. Now there are even more things within his reach - not good news for us! That is why you see those baskets in the background - to keep Owen out of things.

We had some great weather one Saturday afternoon, so we headed down to one of our Columbus Metro Parks, where they have somewhat of a botanical garden. We were able to get some good pictures of the boys.

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hillary said...

Holy cow! That's insane how tall & big Jacob is! Callie just celebrated her 5th bday & is almost 43" tall, and Jack is 38" tall! But Jacob has tall parents & Callie/Jack have a small dad & avg mom. Still, nuts! Your boys look cute. Good to see a post (although I'm one to talk)! :)