Thursday, October 23, 2008

As Jacob talks more and more, we are being treated to more and more of those phrases you hear from kids that just make you laugh. This is our current favorite:

(Jacob, sitting on the floor, surrounded by books that he is looking through)

Mike: Hey Jacob, it's almost time for bed. Are you ready to go night night?

Jacob: No, I too reading.

Mike: You're too reading?

Jacob: Yeah.

Saying he is too anything is Jacob's current excuse to not have to do anything, and he will run through several options till he finds one that gets him out of whatever he should be doing.

Some of our favorites for not going to bed: too hungry, too tired, too wet, too light, too dark

And for not taking a bath: too wet, too dry, too bubbles, too scary

Never a dull moment with a 3-year old.

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