Monday, October 27, 2008

Each one is unique

I know I am jinxing us by posting this, but already we have noticed some glaring differences between our two boys. Jacob would only sleep for 4 hours tops in the middle of the night when he was a newborn. It was probably 4 months before he first slept a good 8-hour stretch. With Owen, already he is sleeping for 5 or 6 hours at night. The other night, after feeding him at 11:30pm and expecting to be up again at 2:30am, we were both surprised when he first started crying at 4am. Then two nights ago, we fed him at midnight, and at 6am Leigh Ann was nudging me awake, asking whether it had been 3 hours yet since I had fed him. I answered that I had not fed him since the midnight feeding - he had gone 6 hours!

Of course now that I am bragging about this, we will be back to every 3 hours. But it has been nice.

In contrast, Jacob was still playing in his room over an hour after I put him to bed last night. I went to go put him back in bed, and asked him what was wrong. His response was classic Jacob!
Mike: Hey Jake, how come you're not sleeping?
Jacob: I too hungry, right here (pointing with his finger to his mouth).
Mike: You're too hungry?
Jacob: Yep. (Jacob is usually a man of few words).
Mike: How come you didn't want to finish your dinner earlier?
Jacob: No, too hungry. How 'bout fwoot nacks (fruit snacks)?
Mike: No, not tonight. You can wait until breakfast, okay?
Jacob: Okay.

On another humorous note, for some reason our eldest son has developed a fascination for the Disney movie "Sleeping Beauty." We have never shown it to him - Bevans, are you responsible for this? - and we don't know where it comes from. The other day, he saw a commercial on TV announcing that Disney has re-released it on DVD, and Jacob got excited and started talking about "Seepy Booty." I got so cracked up. His grandma Rice in California sent him an old book we had with various stories from Disney movies, and every night now Jacob wants me to read "Seepy Booty." We are almost to the part with the dragon, and he is getting excited.

The fun never ends.


Marsie Pants said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!! Sleeping Beauty! That's classic. Abby has been fascinated by the character, but not the movie. I don't think she realizes a movie about Sleeping Beauty exists. But yeah, he probably got it from Abby. I think the last time Abby was over there (when Leigh Ann went into labor--you remember) she had her "magic princess ring" which has a picture of Sleeping Beauty on it. You're welcome! :-)

Wayne said...

Cali was the same way for us...she was immediately a much better sleeper and sooo much easier in so many ways. Hopefully the luck will continue.
Ian had a Sleeping Beauty phase earlier this year as well. He thought the dragon at the end was cool. Oh, and he still calls it Sleeping Booty but I think he's doing it on purpose.