Thursday, October 16, 2008

Time is running out

Well, we are now in the final stretch. Leigh Ann's doctor has scheduled her to be admitted to the hospital a week from today to be induced. We are supposed to arrive at 8pm. Why so late? Who knows. My own personal theory is that it may take some time, and going in at 8pm means that it is less likely that this kid will be born in the middle of the night - which is nice for the doctor. We went into the hospital at 4pm for Jacob, and he wasn't born until 4am - the doctor showed up around 3:30am. So I'm guessing our doctor would rather not have to show up at such an early hour. I don't completely blame her - she is also pregnant, and due the week after, so what pregnant woman at the end of her third trimester would want to trudge out in the dead of night?

Of course, Leigh Ann will be up all night. She is really hoping that what they say is true, that the second birth goes quicker than the first, and that she won't have to go 12 hours again. We will also be sure and get her a big meal before we show up. We didn't think ahead last time, and she hadn't eaten since noon the day of, so she went almost 24 hours before getting anything decent to eat - ice chips don't really cut it, especially when your diabetic husband, who has to eat, is munching on something over in the corner (speaking hypothetically of course).

Leigh Ann has a different doctor this time around, so we don't get to go to the more convenient St. Ann's hospital that is closer, rather we have to drive downtown to OSU hospital. I've heard it is a nice facility, but the idea of having to go downtown doesn't appeal to me.


The Koenig Family said...

How exciting that you have a scheduled date--if you don't go before then:) Keep us posted. If we don't see you Sunday (which I don't blame you if you skip out of sitting on the hard chairs for 2 complete hours)--good luck!

Marsie Pants said...

What pregnant woman wants to be up all night at the end of her third trimester? I'll let you know in December. Work's gonna be awesome.

Good luck! I guess we'll be seeing Jake Thursday night! Let me know if you need anything.

Rheanna said...

Hey! Good luck with everything next week! We'll be thinking about you. He should come before midnight...then we could have the same birthday! I keep telling Andy he should call you...I'll try again! (Then again, maybe I'll just call)

hillary said...

So one of my nurses this last time told me it was totally okay to sneak food - just don't let the other ones see. So take some snacks anyway!